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5. prosinec 2013 | 18.45 |

filip_backlund_2Filip Backlund is swedish motorcycle rider who is currently racing in British superbike championship BSB. In 2013 he was competing in Superstock 1000 and we should see him in this category also in 2014. I got the opportunity to ask Filip a few questions about racing so now I publish the interview.

1. How would you summarize this season?

All through it has been a good season. My riding has been fast and stabile and the things I have focused on to develope has been developed which is good. I did went in to this season with the aim to win the total championship and sometimes things happen that you/me as a rider can't affect. We as a team had some problems during the season and the result of those problems was that we lost to much points to fight for the win in the total ranking. We did secured the third place in the championship and did a really strong end of the season with two new laprecords, one second place, one first and in total 4 podiums finishes during the year.

2. Which race of the season, in your opinion, was the best for you and which one was the worst?
Best: I have a couple of races that have been really good this season. For sure my win on Silverstone was a good one where we did ride like the rulesbook with taking the lead directly and led the race from lap 1-10. But I also must say that my second race on Donington Park (10th race) was a brilliant race as well. I did some small mistakes during the race but I really fought hard and clean with Hudson Kennuagh for the win!
Worst: Must say the second race of the season on Thruxton. Lot of tracktime went out for us because of bad weather so no tracktime. Started the race way back on the grid and after 2/3 distance I collided with another rider in front of me and a crash was a fact.

3. Do you mind races on wet track or you don't have a problem with it?
Don't have any problem with wet or dry tracks. I really enjoy riding in the wet so all good for me!

4. Does it have any reason that you have number 49 on your bike?
For all my years in the roadracing I have also had the nr: 14. This season someone else had taken that number so I went back to my number 49 like I used to have when I raced in the motocross.

5. What about season 2014? Can you tell us something or is it a secret?
2014 will be a great year. I will be number one and together with the team I will ride for we will for sure take that top spot!

Source of the photo: Official Filip Backlund's Facebook page


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