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I know that ski jumping season 2015/2016 has been finished but I have one more article about it for you. Actually I wanted to publish it earlier but I was lazy and also I wanted to think about it properly. So finally. Who became the ski jumper of the year? Who was coach of the year? And who was the most unlucky one? There are much more to judge. But please, take this article easy, it's not serious, it's mainly for fun! :-D

41Ski jumper of the year: Peter Prevc

Of course, there is no one else who could win in this category. Pero (how he is called) has won the World Cup, also has won the Small Crystal Globe for the Ski flying standings. He's won in the Four Hills Tournament, got the gold medal at the Ski flying World Championship. He's also broken a few records. Peter Prevc was simply the king of the last season.

Hero of the year: Kenneth Gangnes

I have written a lot about Kenneth so I think there is nothing more to add. Kenneth shows us that to work hard and not give up is worth it!

Team spirit: Norway

It was quite hard to decide because I feel like there are great team spirits in all teams. But in the end I decided to give this award to Norway. Why? Because of this:


And because of this:


And also this:


And this is the best. It's in norwegian but you don't have to know the language to understand what's going on there. This joke made Tom Hilde and Johann Remen Evens a few years ago already. But last season they remembered it and created a new one :-D (I wanted to upload here also the one from a few years ago but I couldn't find it :-/ )

Coach of the year: Goran Janus (Slovenia)

This was the fight between him and Alexander Stoeckl (the coach of Norway). Finally Janus has won this one because he is such a nice guy and he has good sense of humour :-D Which other coach would be in a wig during the competition? Simply only Goran :-D Well, this picture isn't from the last season but it doesn't matter :-D

goran janus
                   Yes, it's really Goran Janus.

And look, his assistent wears a wig too.

Competition of the year: Planica (SLO)

Why? Because it was probably the only one competition weekend (well, first competition was there already on Thursday) without any serious weather problems. What a great end of the season!

The most unlucky person of the year: Gregor Schlierenzauer

No form. Gregor ended the season after the Four Hills Tournament. Not to be unlucky enough he even injured his knee while skiing in the United States. Good news for his fans is that he doesn't want to end his career, he wants to continue in ski jumping.

Disappointment of the year: Kuusamo (FIN)

There were no competitions due to bad weather!

The colour of the year: Red

Ski jumpers saw this colour a lot during last year. Red light was there and the competitiors couldn't go to the inrun. Also red wind arrows were there often.

Twitter master: Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes

No one else is able to tweet while jumping. If you are interested in ski jumping at least a little bit than you should follow him on Twitter (if you have Twitter account). He has his own sense of humour which not everybody is able to understand. Here are a few examples.

Yes we know how it is with Jurij and his father.


Please notice the phrase "super old".


We all want to see Domen at ski flying competitions.


The most hilarious moment of the season: Robert Kranjec as an eagle

I think that this doesn't need any comment.

                                                         Yes, it's Robert in the mask

The hottest man of the season: Manuel Fettner

Well, this is the matter of your taste. My number one has been Manuel Fettner for a few years already :-D

                                                  Isn't he cute?

The song of the season: OMI - Hula Hoop

Why? Because during the competitions in Lahti they were so creative that when the polish ski jumper Stefan Hula was jumping they were playing this song to him :-D Since that time this song will always mean ski jumping for me. Listen to the music at the backround carefully, it's really playing there.

The hairstyle of the year: Johann André Forfang

Because he is always stylish!

23   17


The model of the year: Daniel André Tande

This pose! It's clear, he is the model of the year. If you don't know, just to remind you, Daniel André is the one in the red jumper.


He is stylish also at the chair lift.


But all the norwegian boys should consider working in the fashion industry. They are always cool :-D


The cutest moment: Robert Kranjec and his daughter

It was after the competition in Planica. Robi has won there. When he was doing the interview for Eurosport his (adopted) daughter was there with him. She saw the microphone and had to introduce herself :-D "My name is Pika." You can watch this moment here at the link from tumblr. I hope you'll be able to play it.

Bonus: My two big idols at one chair lift

Yes, my dream came true :-D Manuel Fettner and Ville Larinto at one chair lift.


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