How was my year 2014?

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I don't know what about you but to me year 2014 has been going so quickly. I feel like no year before went so quickly like this one, really I can't help. I don't know how it's possible. Time is always same and go in the same way! So maybe it's because I am already 1 year older, I don't know. Or is it because I have different way how to perceive time? I really don't know and it's strange. I still remember very lively what I did on the 1st January 2014 and in a while we have another January... Unbelievable. Well, in the beginning, before I start reviewing and judging this year, I would like to say thank you to my destiny (which I believe in) for such an amazing year! Year 2014 is already now written deep in my heart and my mind. And I dare to say that it's been the most amazing and the most beautiful year of my life so far!

The year didn't start very well as I was struggling with some personal problems and with personal uncertainty. The thing is that I decided to finish my current university studies. After the only one semester, haha. But I had to do it. I felt like it. It was not easy because my family was angry at me because of it and the atmosphere at home wasn't nice at all. But I was brave and strong enough to do it. By the end of January I finished studying there. And that was it. It's my life!

I didn't have any other option so again I ended up at the Unemployement office. And in the time between January and April my life was like on the roller coaster. One day I felt like I was flying really high, the other day I felt like I fell down. I was searching for some part-time jobs. At home they put lots of pressure on me because of it. Or maybe I just felt like it and actually it was me who put all the pressure on myself. Maybe that I just was thinking about it all too much, more than I should. Who knows. I'm just very emotional and sensitive person and sometimes I just take some things very seriously and think about it a lot. More than it's normal. Maybe. But on the other side, even if I think about something too much, than I usually make a decision by what my heart is saying to me, not my mind. I don't know, is it good? Is it bad?

At the same time I didn't give up thinking about another studying. I was applying for 2 different departments. I was not accepted to study Journalism but I was accepted to study Czech philology.

So I was fighting to survive in February, March and April. Sometimes my life was better, sometimes it was worse. But I think that some of the moments made me to be stronger person and it helped me to be where I am now.

And suddenly May came. I was doing entrance exams. And you already know how it ended. In May I also celebrated my name day. I was following motorsport. I was writing for this blog. I was writing for And I felt quite fine. As I already wrote, for a while I felt very high, for a while I felt very down. But mentally I felt quite balanced and I have to say that already in that May I felt that this year's been nice and good.

And then it all happened. I met a person who completely changed my life. And I say thank you :-) Even it could be possible to say that it came just in time. I was just living the worse part of the year and struggling a little bit in my life. And suddenly, from nothing, he appeared here. It was like my destiny or my guardian angel sent me a gift. I don't understand how I deserved it all. Did I do anything great in my life that I got such an amazing gift? Anyway, every day I say thank you that this person is part of my life. And even if sometimes in the future our ways separate, I will never forget this person and I will always say thank you for everything we experienced together, for everything he did for me and how amazing person I had chance to meet, get to know and be with. Honestly I have to say that I believe that our ways will never separate. Of course, you never know what you will face in your life, but if I lost this person, if this person disappeared from my life, it would be very painful and it would hurt me a lot. I know it.

Except it some other nice moments happened to me. In June there was a performance of czech singer David Deyl in my town. Me, my sister and a friend went there, we just had to :-D It was amazing. We all got his autograph and also took a photo with him. There was also another czech singer Tereza Kerndlová but you know David Deyl is David Deyl :-D :-P

Also there was slovakian band No Name in my town. It was also super. Even it was at the weekend when I was with the person I already mentioned so he made it to be all even more super. 

After 2 years we also finally went to visit our family in Bohemia. It was nice. And I think that we buried the hatchet. If there was any. And I think there was. When I'm talking about my family I have to mention that we have two babies in our family :-) The younger cousin-boy became father of a boy in February and the older cousin-boy became father of a girl in July. By the way, my younger cousin has already a partner, a child and a job. These are things what I value the most in life and back then in February I realized how much I envied him. Luckily these feelings already went away from me. 

My grandmother, who lives in the same town as me, caused more and more troubles. I don't want to talk about it here in detail but this also belongs to this year's summary. And I think that when I read this article later I will exactly remember what's it all about. And I know I am bad granddaughter. I visited her last week when I celebrated my birthday but this my visit was after really very long time. 

I mustn't forget to mention my twitter and motorsport life :-D So firstly something about my twitter life. I have there some people who I talk to and they are very nice to me. I think that I can call them my internet friends and it's nice to be in contact with them. I have to say that with some of them I would like to meet in real life. And yes, I believe that these people are exactly as nice as in real life. I know them for quite a long time so I think I can say it. It's also very nice when you write a message to some rider and you get answer from him :-) For me it means a lot, believe me :-) Even on twitter Kevin Magnussen followed me for a while! It's true that then McLaren controlled his twitter account and "cleaned" it but it doesn't matter.

I have to say that I was little bit sloppy in my motorsport life sometimes. But it was caused by my life priorities and sometimes I just prefered to do something else (which was more important to me at the moment) to watch races. But Thursday in the paddock at the Czech GP in Brno was unbelievable! I met almost all my racing idols. I met other motorsport fans. What else could I wish? 

And suddenly September came and I went to my new university. And suddenly there was October. For me personally it was mentally very hard month. Well, mentally, the better way how to describe it is to say that it was emotionally hard month for me. But actually it can affect your psyche too. And suddenly there was November. My sister's birthday day. And also for school I had more and more things to do. The end of the semester was closer and closer. And it started to scare me. Then advent started. December came. St Nicholas day. And then my birthday day. 

As I already mentioned, year 2014 and everything what I experienced and all the people I met helped me to arrange the order of the values in my life. I also created new dreams and goals which I would like to achieve in the future.

Also during the year I was ill. I felt unwell at the beginning of the year but I think it was also connected with the fact that I didn't feel mentally very good. Then it was quite ok. And in July I had tonsillitis. Ufff... it was really something. Luckily I went to the doctor in time so the medicine helped me quite quickly. And what helped me a lot was also the fact that I was dreaming and thinking about my bright future and I was also thinking of one certain person and it made me feel better and stronger. And then between August and September it looked like I would be ill again but luckily it went away and nothing was from it. 

Actually this year much more things have happened but I don't want to talk about it all here and I don't want to talk about it all in detail. Because it's already too much personal and also because the article would be never ending probably :-D However, what I said at the beginning of this article, is true. It has been the most beautiful year of my life so far. After the last couple of years when I was struggling a lot and I felt really bad suddenly such a beautiful year came to me. And again if it's "work" of my destiny, my guardian angel or whoever or whatever else, I say big thank you!

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