My favourite TOP 10 Formula 1 drivers for 2014

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Well, I'm not writing my blog in english very often (actually I've written only 2 english articles so far if I remember it right) but because of I have some twitter friends who don't speak czech and maybe would like to read it, I've decided to try to write the article also in english. So I hope I won't make any big grammar mistake. So, in comparison with last year I have there some changes. Last year I had there also Max Chilton but for this year I won't support him as last year. Just no. Sorry. Also Charles Pic is missing this year but it's understandable because he didn't find any racing seat for this year. And also Romain Grosjean is missing here. I'm really sorry. I am his fan since he was racing in GP2 but unfortunately this year I wasn't able to put him to my TOP 10. But I still support him and I wish him finally victory in F1. But with this year's Lotus I'm not sure...I also will be supporting Daniel Ricciardo and Jenson Button although they aren't in this my ranking. And I still don't know what about Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. I'm not their big fan but nor anti-fan :-D

10. Marcus Ericsson (SWE), Caterham


To be honest I even don't know why I have Marcus here :-D But I supported him in GP2 so probably that's why. And plus he's Swedish and I like them :-D And then you never know how long Marcus will stay in Formula 1 so people, we have to enjoy he is here and support him :-D I don't know why but I have a feeling that he will have similar fate like Giedo van der Garde. I mean that his results will be nothing much and after one season somebody else will replace him. I hope I'm wrong.

9. Nico Rosberg (GER), Mercedes


Compared to last year, this year it's 2 places worse. Last year he was 7th in my ranking. I myself don't know why but somehow I wasn't able to put him higher. But I still like him and support him. Of course :-D I wish him to be successful this season and to win many races :-D Actually, Mercedes showed in pre-season tests that maybe my wish would come true. They did really well. I have to tell you that I think Nico will become world champion this year.

8. Jules Bianchi (FRA), Marussia


As last year, Jules is in my ranking as well. I just feel like it's impossible not to support him :-D As well as last year, this year it's 8th place. I liked him in GP2, I like him in F1. After one year in Formula 1 he has some experience but I'm not sure if he will be able to utilize them. Because of the changes before this season plus I'm afraid in Marussia it won't be any big result again.

Which is shame.

7. Kamui Kobayashi (JPN), Caterham


I would like to put Kamui even higer but my TOP 6 is unbeatable so it's first place behind them :-) Last year I missed him very much in F1 so I am happy he is back. I started to be his fan when he was racing in Sauber and his team mate was Sergio Pérez. They two were funny team mates :-D So as I said I'm really happy Kamui is back in F1. I know, it's in Caterham, but it's still better than nothing.

6. Nico Hülkenberg (GER), Force India


Similar like with Kamui, I also would like to put Nico higher but there isn't any room for it. Actually I like this 6 drivers very much and they are my big TOP 6 who I will support the most :-) Last year he was 5th so it's one place down for him this year (well, last year I had big TOP 5 but for this year there is another one driver, so it's big TOP 6 :-D ). After one year in Sauber Nico moved back to Force India. Firstly I wasn't very happy from it, I wanted to see him in Lotus. But now I think it was good decision because (according to the pre-season tests) Lotus doesn't look in a good shape.

5. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Williams


Compared to last year for Valtteri it's also one place down. But still he is a driver who I will support really a lot. I have to say that my passion (I don't know which other english word I should use :-D) for everything what is connected with Finns and Finland, time ago somehow disappeared. But now it's back again :-D So, for this year Valtteri has a new team mate and it's very experienced Felipe Massa. I think they will be good team mates and will get on very well with each other. Actually, Felipe already had finnish team mate - Kimi. And to me Valtteri seems more extrovert person than Kimi. For me, according to good results from pre-season tests, team Williams is a black horse of this season. And after the last year's problems it would be good for them if succeed this year.

4. Esteban Gutiérrez (MEX), Sauber


During winter I was really worrying that Esteban wouldn't be able to find any race seat. But luckily it was announced that he stays with the team. So I was happy from it. And still I am. I hope that after last year's newcomer's season he will be able to score some points more often. He has also new team mate. It's Adrian Sutil who has some experience so I am quite curious about they two as team mates. However, for Esteban it's one place down in my ranking.

3. Kimi Räikkönen (FIN), Ferrari


For people who follow my blog regularly this is the main surprise. Kimi is only 3rd. So again it's one place down for him. In 2012 he was 1st for me, last year he was 2nd. But I have to say that Kimi will be my idol forever. That's for sure. His return to Ferrari is still surprising for me and I still can't get used to it. I have to admit that I didn't want him to see again in this team (although he won the title with Ferrari) and I wanted Kimi to stay with Lotus. But now I also have to say that this his decision was probably right and I'm happy he didn't stay with Lotus. Because when you look at the Lotus problems...

2. Kevin Magnussen (DEN), McLaren


And there you can see the reason why almost for every driver in this ranking it's one place down. Kevin came to F1 and for some people it was really big surprise. The more happier I was :-) True, I was angry at McLaren for a moment because they sacked Sergio Pérez. But because it's Kevin and because with Sergio everything finally ended in a good way, I forgived them :-D I've followed and supported Kevin since he was racing in World series by renault. My first reason why to support him was that he comes from Denmark :-D And then also because he is really good driver. During WSR races he showed us very often how talented he is :-) I'm really curious how successful he will be or not in F1. And I'm really looking forward to him :-D

1. Sergio Pérez (MEX), Force India


The first isn't very big surprise. Same as last year. As I already mentioned Sergio spent only one season with McLaren and for this year Kevin will replace him. But luckily he found quite a good racing seat in Force India. And I am convinced that together with Nico they will be good team mates. Thanks to these two drivers Force India will be my favourite team this year :-)


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